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Oval King Rene' split hub & spoke pavilion

Medieval "spoke and hub"
Pavilions & Sunshades
Look Ma, no ropes!
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King Rene' split hub & spoke pavilion tent

Large Medieval Pavilion Small Round Pavilion spoke and hub design

Oval King Rene' Pavilion - 18' x 23'

King Rene' 18' x 23' oval tentdouble doors, King Rene' tent hub and spokes, metal pole adaptorKing Rene' interior with chandelier and curtains

This tent slept 7 adults and all their gear!

Single Pole Pavilion
10-spoke round,
appox. 18' radius at bottomRound pavilions in high winds
8 Spoke Round
approx 13' radius at bottom easy set up of a single-pole pavilion

Encampment at ATWW sunshades mated

Sunshade (BC style sunshade)

(with ropes of course)

Moms at West War Large canvas "BC style" day shade

BC style Sunshade

Small 10' x 35' - Large 15' x 35'

(two shown joined, for a whopping 25 x 35!)

inside of the large BC style dayshade

These tent designs have been tested under high wind conditions with constant winds of 10-15 mph with gusts of 47 mph down the Columbia gorge.  Note, the extra ropes on the windward side poles of the sunshades and the complete LACK of ropes on the small single pole pavilion.  While the large pavilion didn't need it, we had a single high wind line for good measure.

Camping in our period pavilion is enhanced by the easy set up and take down. It sets up easily in less than a half hour, by 2 adults, and can be managed by one person with a little bit of help. The adaptable center pole breaks down to 2 separate poles, for easy transport, and with only a small bundle of poles and canvas, it's easy to fit in most vehicles. Our large King Rene' has slept 7 adults and all their gear, our large round pavilion has slept 5 adults (on air mattresses) with all their gear. (ok, it was kind of cozy) and the small pavilion has slept 3 adults and all their gear.

The sun shades are extremely stable in high winds when set up properly and offer protection from sun, wind and rain. They are made with heavy weight 50/50 poly cotton twill, polypropylene webbing, webbing loops (instead of grommets), patched reinforcements and sail makers nylon thread.  If you want a different type of fabric or canvas, don't hesitate to ask! We are working on finding a low-cost supplier of Sunforger, so that we can offer an upgrade to our current products. If you'd like us to sew an item using YOUR fabric, just let us know. We can treat our day shades and pavilions with Kampkote® brand water repellent (or equivalent) or seam seal, if requested.

Due to material supply conditions and costs outside our control, we are suspending our production of pavilions & sunshades at this time. Check back at a later date for more information about when and if we resume production. Thank you for your continued interest in our pavilions. We will leave this pricing information posted as an example only.

Pavilion & Sunshade Prices
Canvas & Pole Package Canvas Only
Small sunshade 10' x 35' (flat) $550.00 $325.00
Large sunshade 15' x 35' (flat) $650.00 $425.00
Current colors - White, Navy blue, Royal blue, Lincoln green, Brown. Email for more color options  
Small Single Pole Pavilion
8 spokes, 11.5 ft tall, (approx. 6.5 ft at the hub)
Approx. 13 feet across at base
Email for current package pricing $850.00
Large Single Pole Pavilion
10 spokes, 12.5 ' tall. (approx. 7' at the hub)
approx 18 ' across at the base
Email for current package pricing $1250.00
King Rene'  Oval Marquis
18' x 23' at the base, 12.5 feet high, double doors. Walls are detachable. (approx. 7' at the hub)
Email for current package pricing $1500.00
10 spoke hubBreak down poles
The pole package features a laminated ash center pole with metal adapter.  All wood is finished with high quality Spar Varnish to prevent weather damage. The powder coated steel metal adapter allows for a two-part pole that can be broken down for easy transport. Click for larger image

King Rene' Pole package includes: 2 breakdown center poles, 2 hubs, 1 ridge pole, 10 spokes, 2 cross spokes, 2 metal pole adaptors. (not shown)

Pole Package

8 spoke
10 spoke
King Rene'

Adaptor only


18" long
outside dia.
inside dia.

Sun Shade pole package consists of: 2, ten foot poles with spikes, 4, seven foot poles with PayPal Verified Graphicspikes, ropes, rope tensioners, stakes, washers & spike keepers included.

We offer delivery in the Portland Metro area, and a hands on setup class.  Ask us if you are within a reasonable driving distance, for a small fee we can do the same for you.

Prices may change periodically (as web updates allow), Email for most current info.

In an effort to reduce spam, the email address is an image file only, not an active link.  Please enter it manually into your email composition message.

Medieval encampment image

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