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Cara Dona - 2010
Early renaissance Italy - Venetian 1480

Bride and Groom
Custom wedding gown & veil,
deep violet satin with silver lining.
medieval wedding dressmedieval wedding dressmedieval wedding dress
medieval wedding dressWedding Dress
medieval wedding dress
medieval wedding dress

bodice, overskirt, sleeves, camicia, hatSCA garb, costumes, halloween, parties, weddingsGold cotton velvet, plus size gowns

Decidedly middle class bodice & skirt, with forepart and underskirt.┬áBodice is a detailed brocade in earthy greens, the skirt is box pleated cotton velvet overskirt with sage jacquard forepart. (golden yarn dyed underskirt not shown.  MiLady in her new garb, (with alternate sleeves).

Middle class gown - Tudor or late renaissancebodice close up - side lacing

Italian Lord & lady - period patterns #41accepting award in medieval gownburgundy silk with silver beads - cartridge pleats, v neckline

Late period Italian gown with wine silk beaded pintuck and deep blue cartridge pleated twill, 100% Italian linen camicia.
green silk gown with pictuck sleeves - Oregon SCA eventLauire & Carla posed, Teal wool skirt & bodice, linen chemise, green silk dress

(left) Late Italian green silk taffeta gown, pintuck sleeves, full silk chemise, corded corset.

Inspired by Robin Netherton's, the Gothic Fitted Dress seminar. (left) Laced front green 100% wool with linen lining. (middle) Blue wool, buttons. (right) Violet silk/linen blend with 100% linen lining  Both dresses used "curved front" lacing with hand sewn eyelets.

Gothic fitted DressGothic Fitted GownGothic fitted dress - hand sewn eyelet lacing

Four panel pattern using the "pinch" fitting method.  A four piece pattern block was fitted by pinching it into the desired fit while on the body and then basted.  The seam lines are then marked and the block removed.  The pattern is then "averaged" and used to cut the dress panels.  Gores are added at the front and back center seams at belly button level. Once worn for a few minutes the wool and linen warm to body temperature.  A properly fitted Gothic dress is one of the most comfortable gowns to wear, with or without foundation garments.  Its a favorite at and we've made many!

custom fit cottehand made buttons, linen lined gown

Gothic Fitted GownGothic Fitted GownGothic Fitted Gown Gothic Fitted DressGFDGothic Fitted Gown

Gothic fitted dress, approximately 1350's.  Shot wool (warp thread black, weft thread burgundy)  Tan linen lining. The elbow close up is closest to the real color.  Button closures and "hinged sleeves".

(Left) NOT SO FITTED Gothic dress with "hinged elbows" and hand made buttons, based on patterns from Cotte Simple. 100% dyed wool twill with linen lining. This dress has been well worn, but the over-dyed wool color did not last. The color has continued to fade with each laudering. For future reference, start with the fabiric in a color you really like...

bodice & chemise under construction, sewing costumesCarla - late Italian renaissance
Teal mohair wool bodice & skirt, black linen sleeves, full Italian chemise with blackwork neckline.

Beatrix - 12th century French BliautKathryn - nice portrait!
12th night 2007 12th Century Bliaut, shot silk with 100 year old trim.

custom gowns, period clothingmedieval gowns, costumes, weddings

medieval work dress - kirtle, boy's t-tunicBoy's doublet - Venitian courtesan dress
T tunic (left) Young man's doublet (right) 12th night 2007

Milady on her way to church - costumingItalian gown - period patterns #41front ladder lacing - blackwork chemise
M'Lady on her way to church. Period Patterns #41

simple green dressv-neck Italian dress, linen chemise, lacing

Simple Italian gown, box pleated green twill. (shown with linen full sleeved Italian camicia)

Italian Camicia (Camicie or Chemise)

Italian CamiciaCamicie Sleeve

Based on these extant garments.

Extant Camicie

Extant camicia

A first attempt at a reasonable facsimilie of an Italian camicie based on extant garments. Using gores on the sides only, gathering at the top of the sleeve and an under arm gusset. Also, the neckline has gartering only at the horizontal edges (front and back) so that the top of the shoulder is smooth. This is really a mock-up in soft cotton muslin with machine blackwork and modern lace. The cuff is smocked to gather it. The next one will be in fine linen and embellished more.

(Thanks to Realm of Venus for the images)

Short Hand Smocked Chemise (may be known as shirring) Romani style, with hand embroidered silk shawl

smocked short chemiseclose up of smockingembroidered black shawl, smocked blouse

Italian Chemise with Blackwork or Redwork in cotton.

blackwork 1cotton under gown, chemise

1870's Couple
1870 gown, silk corset, old west styleearly bustle period, 1870 day dress, skirt1870 costumes hat
(yes, its out of period, but life is more fun in costume!)

Linen Lawn Chemise

linen lawn chemisequality fabrics

Hand sewn, with simple tapered sleeves, meant to fit under a tight fitting gothic style dress. Smocked neckline with black and white edged cuffs.  This is beautiful shear linen lawn fabric.

smocking, shirring, camiciarenaissance wedding gownscustom hand made clothing

Piratey Doublets

doublet backspanish, tudor, english, Italian, Men's doublet

close up of front closure, vestPirates of the carribean - plus size

Fantasy pirate doubletpirate costume

(guess who really needs a tricorn hat?)  


market umbrella conversion pavilion

Market Umbrella Conversion. Make your umbrella into a periodoid pavilion.  This is an 8 spoke (54") wooden umbrella.  Add walls and dagging and you're good to go!  This one ended up 13' across at the bottom from point to point.  It took less than 18 yards of 60" wide fabric. (using the existing cover saves fabric, but may not be water repellent).  All the seams are reinforced with nylon mason twine, which helps transfer the stress down to the stakes, so NO ROPES!  There are loops at the point of each spoke for tie downs in case of high winds. Beware! Your tent is only as strong as the frame.

medieval pavilion camping in Oregon

Canvas is no match for Grandma's old Singer sewing machine! (electrified treadle) Period Pavilion, based on patterns from:
Dafydd ap Gwystl
House Greydragon
Max &
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