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Pavilion Poles
If you'd like more information about custom pavillion, tent or sunshade poles, please contact Dave Gray.
10 spoke hub
Gothic chairs (break down)

These are designed to store flat and use pegs for easy set up and take down. These are shown with a Trefoil, Quarter foil, and shield shaped accents. 

Gothic chairs - break downStromgard Baronial gothic chairs
Tables & Benches

The legs slip off easy so that they can be stored flat for transport.

camp table and bench
Wheel Barrow (break down)

My motto, the wheel barrow is "the last thing on the truck and the first thing off!" Pegs make it a breeze to pack.

medieval wheelbarrow - break down
Feast gear

The plates and goblets are made  from Mahogany and lightly coated with commercial "salad oil" stain.

These rough Oregon Myrtle wood burl bowls, are based on a design in the book "The Wooden Bowl" by Robin Wood. (not for sale)

turned wooden gobletsturned wooden platesmedieval plates, mahoganyturned oregon mytle wood bowls
Camp Beds (break down)

These slat beds are made with durable alder wood, and stained with "Boiled Linseed Oil" only.  That's the natural wood color.  Based on a bed from Marta Hofman’s book "Cloth and Clothing in Medieval Europe",  a 10th century bed discovered in the Gokstad barrow.

breakdown slat bedscamp beds in alder

Gokstad barrow slat bed image

And More!

Morning beverages before the fire.  (ok, coffee's not period, but you have to make concessions somewhere!)

moring at the fire, Tymberhavene Coos County Oregon

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