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"Lady Angela Rosa Delamora", has been sewing since she was a young girl.  She often speaks of her Grandmother who was a professional couture seamstress in New York, at who's knee she learned to sew.  She was taught that a garment should look as nice on the inside as it does on the outside.  There are times when her need for perfection drives her sewing mates nuts! But in the end, her hard work and diligence pays off for the recipient of the finished garment.  Her strengths are her attention to detail and the ability to get something to fit well on just about any body type.  She is currently a member of the S.C.A.'s AnTir Royal Tailors, working on garb specifically for the current royalty of any given reign. 

"Lady Cara Donata da Fortuna" learned to sew by watching her mother design and sew costumes for the "Sweet Adelines & SPEBS" chorus groups for many years and in Jr. High (when Home Economics was a required class just for girls).  She has always had various sewing ambitions, but never had the right tools for couture sewing.  She only had one sewing machine and it was made in 1912! She's produced many things on that old black Singer. Her strengths lean to construction techniques and craft sewing like leather and canvas.  She is accomplished in traditional fine art mediums and enjoys crafts like jewelry making, and beading. She enjoys other period sewing, making historical garments from 1840's rondezvous (mountain man) to the 1870's.

Its interesting that between Angela & Cara Donata, their respective talents compliment each other. They usually attack a project from opposite ends, yet always seem to come to the same solution.  It makes for a balance of ideas, time & technique.


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